TASTING: Marina Abramović’s Volcano Flambé

TASTING: Marina Abramović

About a couple of weeks ago I dropped in Park Avenue Winter with Niccole Broughton of Coco’s Box to try performing artist, Marina Abramovic’s limited time Volcano Flambé dessert.

The winter interior of the restaurant is white as can be with twigs/branches around the dining area to accent the season.

Staff members are on point with their hospitality.  When you first walk in you immediately get the feeling that this is a very upscale restaurant but then you’re surprised and puzzled when you hear the music they have playing in the background (hip hop, anyone?).

We ordered a few apps like the Porcini Ravioli, Venison Steak Tartare, Miso Brussels Sprouts, and (my new favorite side dish) the Broccoli & Cheetos.

Bread Basket with Label

Porcini Ravioli with Swiss Chard, Gorgonzola Cream

Venison Steak Tartare

Miso Brussels Sprouts

Broccoli & Cheetos

Every dish we ordered was cooked almost flawlessly, but the Broccoli & Cheetos really stuck out from the rest.  When this side dish was place on our tables, I almost wanted to laugh.  The presentation was like if a mother wanted to get her kid to eat their veggies:  broccoli floretes topped with Cheetos.  Boy, how I wish I were to eat this back when I was a kid.  The flavor and texture just combined so perfectly.

On to the Marina Abramovic’s Volcano Flambé
The hostess comes to us with a wooden box that has headphones and an mp3 player.  She explains to us how to use it…and as soon as we place the ‘phones on our ears, the flambé arrives.

I then hear Marina’s deep, slow, sexy voice with an accent tuning into my ears that gave me a bit of chills.  I try to follow her instructions after I’m hypnotized by her repetitive statement: “This is only an experiment…”

Next the hostess drops liquid fire over our flambé and I’m thinking to myself that there is a great chance that I can be set ablaze after seeing some liquid fuel splash over my shirt (!).

Nice and interesting, the fire melts some of the caramel-ring garnish and all is done.  I take my spoon and try to still follow Marina’s instructions while taking my first bite but only notice that I’m way far behind her instructions.  I chuckle, but try to catch up.

Decent flambé, amazing Broccoli & Cheetos!

Have you been to Park Avenue Winter to try Marina’s Volcano Flambé?  Share your opinions by posting in the comments box!

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Park Avenue Winter
100 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10021
(212) 644-1900
Cuisine: New American
Price Range: $$$$
Chu’s Rating: ★★★☆☆

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